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M. Michaela Hampf Historikerin

Global Commnication Electric: Social, Cultural, and Political Aspects of Telegraphy. (Hg. mit Simone Müller-Pohl). Reihe Globalgeschichte, herausgegeben von Sebastian Conrad, Andreas Eckert und Ulrike Freitag. Frankfurt: Campus, 2013.

Rosemary Avance, University of Pennsylvania | Choice
“Heralding the era of globalization, telegraphy as a medium of networked communication reimagined structures of power and patterns of interaction in the mid-nineteenth century. Hampf and Müller-Pohl bring together thirteen contributors to sift the implications of this one-time new media technology. . . . As a global history, the book’s major contribution is offering a critical reconsideration of standard narratives of telegraphy as the ‘Victorian Internet,’ a weapon of empire, and an abolisher of temporal-spatial constraints to argue instead for a more nuanced (and ultimately less Euro-American-centric) interpretation of the role of telegraphy in the nineteenth century. . . . Recommended.”

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